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Another certificate for my résumé

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Recommended Android libraries by Udacity

Creating a content provider is no easy feat, and it has many components. Many developers have struggled with this, so naturally, someone created a library to simplify this process. Check out Schematic for an example of such a library. Loading … Continue reading

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5 Android libraries I must remember to have

This blog post is written in response to the Top 5 Android libraries every Android developer should know about by Dario Penić. He gave 5 libraries for features that every Java developer, not just Android developers, should import into his/her applications to ease … Continue reading

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updatePeriodMillis of App Widgets

Been playing around with the android widget tutorials… After pouring over forums and reading the documentation again slowly, I found the following statements: “Updates requested with updatePeriodMillis will not be delivered more than once every 30 minutes.” “To [update without waking the … Continue reading

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Android Gallery with Pan/Zoom ImageView

2015-03-06 update: As some of the reference links below no longer exist, I have published my source codes in GitHub for perusal. I was working on an image gallery project whereby the gallery has its own album of pictures, is side-scrolling … Continue reading

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