NetBeans Connector for Chrome not working on Mavericks

I have installed the latest Chrome browser and NetBeans 8.0 on my MacBook Pro upgraded to OSX 10.9.3. However, the NetBeans Connector extension on my Chrome fails to redirect to my HTML5 application on the embedded web-server (http://localhost:8383) and simply just shows a blank screen.

After performing several troubleshooting procedures, my friend and I found that the JavaScript in the extension is trying to connect to ws:// When we ran the command ‘netstat -na | grep 8008’, we noticed that Mavericks assigned the system’s current IP to the port instead, eg.

Hence the chrome extension has no way to redirect the page to the embedded web-server. Though we have found the problem, we have yet to find the solution. Please feel free to suggest any workaround by commenting to this post while we try to log this bug to NetBeans have logged it under Bug 245227.

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TL-WR702N to the rescue

It has been more than two weeks since I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks on my old MacBook Pro. It is also more than two weeks since the upgrade broke my Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi actually worked for a while before it went dead. A subsequent reboot resulted in the indicator showing “Wi-Fi: No hardware installed”.

I have tried all the advices and solutions I could google. I tried anything from resetting the SMC/NVRAM/PRAM to doing a clean reinstall of the operating systems. Downgrading to Mountain Lion or using a USB network adapter did not help too. These had me thinking whether Mavericks had killed my Wi-Fi or my Wi-Fi is no longer supported with any device driver. Maybe it’s the VirtualBox update I did but highly unlikely since I reinstalled…

Hence in comes the TL-WR702N by TP-LINK, a 150Mbps wireless N portable router. My friend happened to have one on hand so we gave its client mode a try. The client mode allows the router to be connected to another device via Ethernet core and acts as an adapter to send/receive the wireless signal from a wireless network.

It worked! Therefore I went out to get myself one for S$34. It is supposed to be a stopgap fix but with no solution in sight, apart from buying a new MacBook, I think I may have to carry the router around with me for good.

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