I have bought the ASUS WL-330NUL, a wireless-N150 combo USB adapter, for a long while now and I had not get it to work with my MacBook Pro… …until now. The manual doesn’t illustrate fully some of the alternative steps and I am recording what I have done, in proper sequence, to make it connect to my ASUS RT-AC68U dual-band wireless-AC1900 gigabit router.

  1. Download WL-330NUL manual and scroll to the section for MAC OS X users, specifically Mode 4.
  2. For Yosemite, you need to update the adapter’s firmware. Log into the adapter from another computer using the instructions given in the manual and update the firmware downloaded.
  3. Connect the adapter to your MacBook and log into it via the new url
  4. My router is set up with mac address filter for security so in the adapter under the “MAC Clone” tab, clone the mac address. It should show the mac address of the adapter in the text field and add it to the router’s filter list.
  5. Save all settings.
  6. Under the “WAN” tab, scan for your router’s SSID and connect to it. A prompt would ask for your router network’s passkey. Fill that in and save.

You should be able to surf the internet now and this mode is particularly useful for my case where my laptop’s built-in wireless is faulty.

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