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Another certificate for my résumé

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Recommended Android libraries by Udacity

Creating a content provider is no easy feat, and it has many components. Many developers have struggled with this, so naturally, someone created a library to simplify this process. Check out Schematic for an example of such a library.

Loading images over the network is a challenge since it depends heavily on network availability and consumes a lot of battery. There are many libraries that help with this, including robust features such as caching, configured timeouts and more. See Picasso for an example of such a library.

Barcode scanning is a feature that is available in many different applications, so that should give you a hint that there are libraries that help with that. The Google Mobile Vision library includes API’s for scanning barcodes.

Complex logging needs can also be addressed using Libraries. The default logger falls short if you need to modify what kind of things you need displayed in the debugger depending on what version of your app is Running. Timber includes this, and many more features.

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